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Magnolia Media is an internet marketing firm based in Mobile, Alabama, specializing in completely customized website design. We design websites for business owners or managers like you who are looking to create a new website to establish an online presence, or to revitalize the website they’ve had for years.

Here at Magnolia Media, we take a personal interest in YOUR company. Most companies won’t take the time to research your competitors, your customers, and your market like we do. We have an in depth questionnaire which will help us determine what is best for your site, and we will work to develop a site that works for YOU.

Our websites are built with the purpose of branding and each one exhibits the image that the customer wants. Everyone is looking for a design that will make them stand out from the crowd and that will bring them more business. We create professional sites that generate results by using the latest website coding methods, user-friendly professional designs, and search engine optimization.

We have seen great things happen when someone chooses to have a new site by Magnolia Media. Statistics show that hits are rising on our customers’ websites . . . Businesses are getting compliments on the crisp, clean design . . . We have proof that . . .


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Do I Really Need A Mobile Website?
August 24, 2014

To be quite honest, we recommend mobile-friendly websites to virtually any business. The reason for that is because most people, including your customers of course, have a mobile phone. If you want to control how your website looks when they pull it up on their mobile device, then a mobile website is your opportunity to do just that.

Consider your customer base, and let’s say 20% of them will conduct a mobile search for your company to find a phone number, map, menu, or list of services. If your website can’t be easily accessed and viewed through a mobile device, then you risk these customers becoming frustrated at the difficulty of viewing a desktop-sized website, on a tiny mobile screen.  At that point, your website is only 80% effective and limits you to the viewers who are on their home, office or laptop computers.

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Magnolia Media is amazing. I contacted
them about flash design, and they were able
to take my ideas and turn them into reality.
Magnolia Media's customer service and
turnover time is remarkable. I had the files
I needed within 24 hours of payment! I
highly recommend Magnolia Media to
anyone looking for professional media or
marketing services.

>> Palomar Christian Conference Center

I had been having a lack of response for
updates and creativity in design from my
previous web designer. Since we chose
Magnolia Media, we have received the best
design and best service. They are very
prompt with their site development and I
really enjoyed the one on one meetings
that led to a site designed for our

>> Gulf Shores Steamer